Touma Virtual Pet Knockoff Tamagotchi Unboxing & First Impression! | PandaBunny Toys

If you’ve looked on Amazon for the Tamagotchi On, you’ve probably ran across these “other” color screen virtual pets. But for only $25, are they worth it? Join me for this unboxing video about the Touma Pet, and be sure to subscribe to learn more about this interesting virtual pet!

***This video features collectibles, and is intended for adult collectors.***

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Music: “With You” by Ikson

Opening Audio: “Lullabye (Sting)” by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Font: “RM Playtime solid” by Ray Meadows, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives license (

Camera: Nikon D5100
Audio: Sony PCM-M10

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