Jonny Dino Virtual Pet Review | Тамагочи Джонни Дино (english subtitles)

24 February 2020 0

Первый русскоязычный канал о виртуальных питомцах и тамагочи. Вспомни, какие были у тебя и твоих друзей, узнай секреты разных моделей! Ставь 👍🏻, пиши в комменты, смотри другие обзоры на канале. Много всего интересного! This is my channel about virtual pets and tamagotchi. Remember your and your friend’s pets! Put up […]


21 February 2020 0

Eng/Taga/Nat The latest craze to grip kids the world over is the virtual pet or “Tamagotchi” as it’s known in Japanese. But the popularity of these electronic animals may have gone too far in the Philippines. Government officials are considering banning the toys saying their student owners spend too much […]

Virtual Pets: Past & Future // #TBT

27 January 2020 0

Say hello to DIY digital pets! ’90s style is back in a big way; among all the translucent tech, GigaPets and Tamagotchis were my favorites, and I’m far from alone. Check out Kevin Neubauer’s “Circuit Python Badge”, plus a bunch more options for building your own tiny friend. ✨ // […]

Pet Health Care Caring For Your Pets Health Is Merely Good Sense

24 January 2020 0

  Pet Health Care Caring For Your Pets Health Is Merely Good Sense Joint inflammation and Dysplasia Some canines are extremely vulnerable to joint issues. Some type specific pet dogs featured a long past history of arthritic pet illness as a result of longer, narrower joints. Make…… Posted by […]