Speed Draw 5x 30 min. | Cartoon in Progress | Pets Food “Fake Bones”

Animation speed drawing(5x – 30min.) Pets food box “Fake Bones”. Cartoon “Pets on Their own” in progress. Desingned by Kate.
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“Fake bones” – non-existent pets food, invented by us. Will be present in the cartoon “Pets on their own”!

We are creative community, founded in February 2017. And we are making funny animated 2d cartoons.
Here you would find funny cartoons for everyone, for each ages, for kids and for adult.
Short films making are our hobbie! So we publish our animation not so frequently.

So Far, we have published videos about:
– Paul Super Snail – smart/fast/elastic super snail =)
– Mark And Anna – unusual couple in typical world!

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