Rotherham Dog Rescue Campaign Film

Rotherham Dog Rescue
This is Our Short Film for Support Adoption For Pets
To Introduce Our Rescue and What We Would Like for the Future Of Our Rescue
We are entirely Volunteer based and rely completely on the walkers and kennel volunteers to take care of the dogs and the fundraisers who go out every week to raise vital funds and awareness – including films like this as we are lucky enough to have a videographer in our team to put together visual media of our wonderful dogs
The hardwork our volunteers put in is in valuable giving up their spare time to keep our dogs happy and healthy
We give dogs a second chance by rehabilitating and working with them, providing a safe sanctuary and giving them plenty of love and support
The rehibiliation is really important because other facilities simply give up on dogs but here specific volunteers will work to find the cause of issues and work individually with a dog – our success stories are amazing and without us some of the dogs you can see happily playing in the film would no longer be with us – all it takes is tailoring their care and putting in the hours no matter what
Established in 1999, we have used boarding facilities as our base but we are now at a stage where we would like to purchase our own plot of land with a grant
From there we could build our own facilities including agility areas, play pens, pools and comfy kennels – it would mean we could have our own space to set up the benefit the dogs
We could also offer rehabilitation programs, training and advice to help prevent the dogs having to come into the rescue and keep dogs with their owners – and if they do have to come into us we could care for them much better
Our team of hard working volunteers would love for you to please take a few minutes to watch our video featuring our lovely residents and vote for us
The grant would completely change the lives of our dogs, especially those who have been with us for 3,4,5 years – it would be incredible to give them this incredible opportunity – the grant would be the first step as we could use the money to buy a plot of land
Please help us to make our dreams come true ….

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