Pinellas Pest Control How To Protect The Dog Food Dish From Ants

Providing Pest Control Service in Pinellas County for over 20 years. In this video I show you how to protect pet food dishes from ants.
There’s nothing worse then walking by your pets food dish and discovering that it’s contaminated with ants. This can become a costly problem as you repeatedly find yourself tossing pet foods in the trash. Ant populations grow fast and it won’t be long before they start contaminating your own food source and taking over the house. Of course the best solution is to get a pest control professional involved and end the problem for good.

With a clean, dry dish, we are going to apply a bead of petroleum jelly around the base of the dish. Any petroleum will work, and it’s a product you might already have in the house. If you don’t, you can pick up a small jar at any grocery store or pharmacy for under 2 dollars. Get the cheapest one you can find, a generic brand w.ill work just fine. You want to apply a moderate amount, not to thick and not to thin.
Make sure the bead is consistent all the way around the dish with no openings.
That’s it, the ants will not cross over the petroleum and this will keep them from any future contamination.

Again, this is just a temporary fix, this will not take care of any infestation going on in the home.
To treat a serious ant problem you might have, just give Bob a call and he’ll inspect the property, point out the problem areas and treat both inside and outside your home.
For more information about Bob’s Killen Pest and termite control, stop by and visit his website or give him a call. Thanks for watching.


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