New PET for CAR WHEELY or How Not to LOOK for PETS! Cartoons About Cars Playland #111

New PET for CAR WHEELY or How Not to LOOK for PETS! Cartoons About Cars Playland #111
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This is a new animation kids cartoon about Wheely and his car’s team. One day car’s Wheely mother needed some help, so she asked little Wheely to go to the shop and buy a loaf of bread. As a result it became a new Wheely’s adventure. On his way to the shop, Wheely met their neighbor in cars cartoon. She was in a hurry and asked Wheely to stay in her house and to play with her little dog Jessie. Wheely was not minded and very soon these two became friends. Some hours later car Wheely remembered about the bread, that he supposed to buy. So he hurried to the shop, but in the street he met Jessie, the dog which Wheely left at the house. Wheely returned to the house and closed the dog there, but the same situation repeated. It was such a strange adventure in the wheely cartoon. Watch funny dogs cartoon and funny cars for kids. Every day new Car adventures and car story for you.

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