My NEW Pet Rabbits – Belle & Luna ♥

UPDATE JUNE 2017: Unfortunately Luna (the grey rabbit, died last year) and I only lost Belle a couple months ago.

This is Belle and Luna, they’re 2 years old and they’re RSPCA rabbits, I’ve had them for 6 days now.. i adopted them on the 6th August 2013, 7:30pm. They’ve got a lovely home now.

Before i had them they were left alone in a hut for days by their owner, soon they got sent to Pets At Home, nearby where i live and when i went up to them they came to me, and i thought they were really cute, so i picked them. They WERE called mash and spud but i thought i’d give them proper girls names, so i named them Luna and Belle.

Luna is a bit older than Belle, Belle’s the more shy one and hides a lot, if Luna senses Belle’s in trouble she’ll protect her, which i think is cute.

I’d just like to thank Adoption For Pets, i knew i could give two special rabbits a loving and caring home, where they are fed properly EVERY day and let out to run around, without them i’d probably only have one little rabbit. Luna and Belle are special to me. ☺

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