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Meet Izuku he’s the newest member to the Winnard family.
I got him from [email protected] adoption, I saw him starring at me and I instantly fell in love so what happened is…I went inside [email protected] to get some of my pets food and hamster hides and I went to look around at the adoption part and saw this little Russian dwarf called “bobby” with his beautiful big eyes and when I went up to the glass he put both his paws on the glass and I just fell in love so I went home and I couldn’t stop thinking about him.The next day I asked my mom if I could get him and she said yes so she rang up and asked if he was still there and he was! So at around 9:15 we went and got him and the date we got him was Saturday 31st October 2018 and as you can see I did change his name to Izuku because personally I didn’t think “bobby” suited him.

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