How to Manage Pet or Your Cat

How to pet your cat the right way, the first thing to remember obviously is that it has to be on their terms, now most cats enjoy a good fuss and a good pet, but there are a few cuts out, there are some cats who are just not that into being touched much like many humans. Even if your cat is usually waiting for a good office or a pet, if they’re just not on the moon it is not worth and tossing that tension on them, you are to make sure that your cat isn’t feeling unhappy or uncomfortable and will stop you being likely shredded to ribbons which obviously no one wants.

Now before I get into your pet, your cat properly I’m going to show you some indications of your cats on the ease of being petted now. A few things to look out for if your cat is not happy with any attention, that includes moving away from you, any person, it’s trying to pet them, tail flicking it is a good indication of your cats being very unhappy with you, to scratch or bite you or the person that’s trying to pet them. This is an indicator of nervousness in cats, okay, so let’s get down to the good stuff the sweet spots that you can have your pet cat.

If you have a cat, you probably have one and you really want to touch it, however, most people don’t really know where cats like to be touched so I want to tell you a little bit about cats’ favorite places, the most common place that cats enjoy touch is right around their neck, in their face they like to be scratched right they at their cheeks, under their chin behind the ears and right at the neck. Some cats also really enjoy having their tail head scratched right where their tail meets, the spin things that cats don’t generally like include scratching the belly. Scratching the belly really not something most cats enjoy, some cats are ok with you stroking them, but only a little bit, if you notice that your cat’s tail starts to thrash when you’re doing that, go back to scratching the head because that’s again most cat’s favorites. Most people know this, but most cats really don’t like it when you touch their legs, then touch her paws and of course, make sure that you if you are stroking a cat stroke the correct way which is from head to tail not from tail to head, cats don’t enjoy that. If you want to do some massage, just move your fingers lightly into the areas that you know cats enjoy, like the neck in little circles and that is how you can get started enjoying petting your cat without triggering them to be uncomfortable.

I will share with you the five spots; make sure that you stay away from petting your cat’s ears, their tails, and their paws. These generally seem to place your cats not really happy being touched and the last one is that perfect spot, now the best thing about learning how to pet your cat the right way is you will eventually find that sweet spot that they absolutely love being petted. My own cat is her chest, she absolutely just adores being fussed here, so spend a lot of time upon a thing with your cat and petting them and finding out their favorite spot and you will become their absolute favorite person. Thanks, guys, I hope you found these tips useful and interesting and I hope that you use them well, now if you have any additional how to pet your cat correctly tips please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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