How to Change Your Pets Diet: the stress free approach!

You want to change your pets diet but how can you make sure they will eat it? How much should you feed your pet? What if your cat or dog is really fussy, is it even possible to get them to eat something different when you’ve tried to change their food in the past? Well, follow these tips and your pet should happily accept whatever you want them to eat!

1 – Why do you want to change your dog’s or cat’s diet? Do you really have to?

2 – Work out how much to feed you pet – use my free calculator:

This will let you know in a couple of clicks exactly how much of the new diet along with how many treats you can give your dog or cat each day to make sure they are their healthiest weight.

The side of the new food bag may have a table showing how much to feed. This is a start but I feel the amount given is often too much, making it much more likely that your pet will become overweight from eating their new diet.

3 – gradually transition onto this new diet.
Some pets will love this new diet and will eat it readily from day 1. If you change it suddenly you may find they get some loose motions but these should quickly return to normal. For most pets though it is a good idea to gradually increase the proportion of the new diet while reducing the proportion of the old diet. 7 days would be a pretty normal transition period but for those individuals who are less willing to accept the change a longer period of 2-3 weeks may be better

4 – Use the new diet as treats before you try and change your pets diet.
f you are not changing your pets diet for any medical reason and it is something you are planning a long time in advance then this next tip might help. You could start using the new food as treats during play or when out on walks. Of course this will only really work if you plan on feeding kibble. Keep a handful in your pocket and give a little at every opportunity where reward is deserved. This way your pet will hopefully get a taste for it in small bursts as well as associate it with something fun.

5 – Avoid these things when changing your dog or cat’s diet:
Leaving uneaten food down for too long. Replacing your pets food straight away with something tasty if they refuse to eat their meal. Giving up too early.

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