Great V-pets: Tamagotchi Connection™ V4

It’s been a long, long time since I did a “Great V-pets” video. That’s because for a while I stopped playing with virtual pets. It because I let it control my life. Not that kind of obsession you want when you are in high school…but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to play with them. 🙂 I just play with them for pure fun and enjoyment, or when I’m bored and I have spare time. Anyways, this is the review for the Tamagotchi Connection V4:

The Tamagotchi Connection V4 (or just V4 for short) was a breaking through point in North American Tamagotchi History. (Not to be compared to the Japanese Entama)
It was the first tamagotchi where not only could your tamagotchi go to school and get a job, you also have a great amount of control and influence on the growth of your tamagotchi. This is because as your tama plays games and eats certain foods, it gains what are known as “skill points.”
Skill points are catagorized as “Smart” (Pencil), “Fashion”(Sparkle), and “Kindness”(Flower). At first when your tama is a baby and toddler, the skill points you gain from the first two games is total random. However, if you feed your tama a certain food, or play certain games, it will gain specific skill points. For example, if you feed your tama a donut, it will gain 3 Fashion points.
So your probably asking “How does this affect my tamagotchi’s growth?”
Well what it does is help to decide the character you will get when your tama’s an adult!! 🙂 An example would be if you gave a female Mohitamatchi a lot of Fashion points, it would evolve into a Young Memetchi (Good Care) or a Ichigotchi (Average Care). From there, if you give is a lot of Smart points from here on in, you get a Ponitchi! From the angle of giving it a lot of Fashion points, you get a Memetchi! And from the last angle of giving it a lot of Kind points, you get a Furawatchi! Cool eh?
[Okay I’m done with the terribly long explanation]

In this video, I have a Gourmetchi named CALEB (which can ONLY be male BTW) who I show what it’s like to go to school. OH YEAH! ONE MORE THING! (Sorry) When you’re tama is a toddler, it just goes to kindergarten. But once it becomes a teenager, it can go to school and you get to pick which teacher you want!
The teacher that looks like a turtle with a mustache will educate your tama Smart points.
The teacher that looks like a tall flower will educate your tama with Fashion points.
And the teacher that looks like a canvas with a face and a beret (the one shown in the video) will educate your tama with Kindness points.
This can be very important to teach your tama these skill points.

Anyways, as I was saying, my Gourmetchi goes to school in this video, and then it plays Mimic, a very fun game. (The game ‘Shape’ = Smart. The game ‘Dance’ = Fashion. The game ‘Flag’ = Kindness. Mimic and Jumping Rope are random.)

Sadly, the video cuts off due to my camera loosing all it’s memory space, but you will get the jist.
Now, with an unfortunate matter…The V4 is no longer being produced anymore, as it was made a couple of years ago. However, many online stores carry them from potential sellers, a majority of which are very trust worthy. (Just make sure to get your facts straight) And depending on where you live, a Flea Market may carry them on an occasion or two. 🙂 Just keep an eye out if you ever shop there.

In conclusion, this tamagotchi has a story behind it, and it is extremely enjoyable. Well worth the money. I will keep the people who are interested in CALEB posted with an updated video soon. 🙂 I am planing on evolving him into a Simasimatchi. But for now, if I were to give this tamagotchi a rating of 5 stars, this is what it would be:
☆☆☆☆☆ 🙂

For more information on the V4, such as items, characters, growth charts etc., please visit an informative website like or

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I do not own Tamagotchi nor did I make it or work for the company, I just love it is all. 🙂


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