Get DNA Test and Temperament Test to Improve your Dogs Life!


Every creature in the world is products of their genetic makeup and their environment, you and your dogs too. Because of their genetic makeup and their environment, your dog will act instinctually to respond to their environment. To help you understand their temperament, you might need to do DNA test your dogs. To do that, you will need dog DNA kits, laboratory and your veterinarian. However, there are so many brands of dog dna kits and many other things you need to consider. Therefore, today to help you solve your problem, I will provide you a step by step guide on how to do Temperament test properly.

First, prepare for a temperament test. Make sure that you are getting any information about your dog properly. You will need to know about your dog’s breed, sex, reproductive status and even ancestry. Therefore, make sure that you get dog DNA test and find out any information you need. Get a full information about the dog, and also about your experience with dog ownership and dog training.

Since the test for temperament test should be done in a controlled environment and should be unfamiliar to your dog, you might want to ask your veterinarian for recommended location. Then, you also need to choose a tester and handler that capable to do test for your dog expertly. Conduct an internet search of a local temperament testing companies and find out the best tester and handler.

The next step is to test an adult dog’s temperament. You can do that by observing your dog’s response to a stranger. According to American Temperament Testing Society, Inc., the test about your dog response to a non-threatening stranger and friendlier stranger will evaluate about your behavior. Then, the second test is about how your dog responds to noise to evaluate the dog’s level of curiosity and alertness. It about a noise that hidden and the second noise will be a gunshot. The third test is the sudden visual stimulus to check how the dog reacts to something in his path that he wasn’t expecting. Then, the next test is about how your dog walks on an unfamiliar surface to check the dog fear and curiosity. Then another test is about the capability of your dog to protect you and his aggressive behavior toward people who want to hurt you.

By using temperament test and DNA tests, you will be able to understand your dog properly and ensure that your dog will be able to be your best buddy in the home and best buddy for your family. Understanding about your dog will allow you to take care of your dog correctly, whether to treat them in daily life or in their health. You may also maintain how your dog grows up and take care of them until the day your dog leaves you. Remember that you cannot change your dog genetics, however, you will still able to improve how your dog responds to and interacts with his environment. You might need to provide training to improve your dog attitude and temperament.

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