Efficacious Leaves – Mitragyna Speciosa

Efficacious Leaves – Mitragyna Speciosa. This leaf is very special. Kratom name (Mitragyna Speciosa Korth). Tropical species of the family Rubiaceae or still a family with coffee plants. Kratom is found in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and the Philippines. However, the largest population of kratom is actually in Kalimantan. Kratom has many local names. He is called Ketum and Purik in West Kalimantan, Sapat, or Sepat wood in Central Kalimantan and South Kalimantan and Kedamba or Kedemba in East Kalimantan.

Kratom is a Special Plant

Kratom is a sturdy plant rooted in riding. The leaves are slightly wide and finned. The trunk is fat, can reach a diameter of 0.9 meters when 10-15 years old. The most typical part is around and jagged flower. Usually, this flower or fruit grows at the end of the stem. Kratom grows naturally and fast (fast-growing) on ​​critical land, especially the banks of rivers and tidal swamps. Kratom distribution in east Kalimantan is found in Kota Bangun, Kutai Kartanegara.
While in Samarinda, the plant grows on the edge of the Karang Mumus River in the north of the city. Nowadays these herbs are very popular in America and are traded online and one of its vendors is Kraken kratom

Kratom is not only beneficial for humans. It has natural benefits. Kratom is a plant that is suitable for absorbing carbon. Kratom’s character is indeed fast-growing. Within a year, kratom can grow to a height of 2-3 meters in degraded and submerged land. Kratom taproots as two-seeded or dicot seed plants also function to prevent abrasion because of their ability to bind the soil.

What makes this riverside plant special is its usefulness. Since time immemorial, people consume kratom leaves to overcome fatigue. The main properties of kratom are supplements for the body [Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa Korth): Benefits, Side Effects, and Legality, Journal of the Ministry of Health, 2017, p. 176].

The people of Kalimantan, especially West Kalimantan, have consumed kratom leaf steeping. In fact, farmers used to chew fresh kratom leaves to get extra energy (Understanding The Miracle Power of Kratom, 2018). “Kratom tea” is also believed to relieve diarrhea, fatigue, muscle aches, and cough. This steeping also increases endurance, lowers high blood pressure, increases energy, overcomes depression, antidiabetic and antimalarial, and sexual stimulants.
Kratom leaves are sold in several processed forms, generally in the form of Kratom capsules and kratom powder.

In southern Thailand and northern Malaysia, the use of Kratom is considered an herbal medicine, it is considered part of a way of life that is deeply embedded in local traditions and customs (Tanguay P 2011). Increasingly sophisticated technology facilitates all access including how to obtain Kratom. With the internet, Buy kratom for sale has become easier in America, the average user who tends to use kratom as a substance or drug that is not controlled, especially as a drug that replaces morphine.

The wide availability of kratom on the Internet shows that demand is also getting wider and easier. Mitragynine is Kratom’s main active alkaloid. Kratom leaves, which in modern times are sold more in the form of processed than in the form of fresh leaves, either in the form of Kratom powder like tea, Kratom powder-like coffee, and kratom capsules.

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