Do Pets Feel Grief Over The Loss Of A Loved One? (3)

loss of petsIf you could have other pets in your house, you may find that they appear to be grieving the loss of the one who died. Holding a funeral or creating a memorial for the pet can help your child specific their feelings openly and help process the loss.

You know your pets better than anyone else and are most definitely the one who is aware of greatest if one other pet will make your present pet or pets really feel higher.

Explain that the pet is sick, usually struggling, and that you have the power to end that suffering in a very humane and gentle means.

The reality is that your compassionate courage on behalf of your friend has mercifully ended their suffering, whereas your agony at their loss now begins.

Your love for your pet is as real as your love for a family member, and the loss might be keenly felt.

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