Do Betta Fish Grow? Growth Rate

– What is aquarium Betta fish growth rate. A couple of important factors come into play if you think your fish is maybe not growing adequately. Things like water temperature the amount of food that you feed can also play a huge role. This is the perfect woman to talk to because she breeds Betta fish.

Hydro Sponge Filter:

Here are some additional topics on fishtanks:
I inherited my grandmother’s two goldfish and they’ve been around for about 7 years so far. They’re a serious commitment, more than a typical betta. Yet they seem to be people’s “starter” sad. I had two that I won at the carnival that lived in a tank with no filter or anything for over 10 years. I was a college kid and they got a water change maybe like once every 6 months. Poor guys. I loved them but I had no idea how. To care for them or how on earth they lived so long!

I think the 29 gallon number is enough to scare the average uninformed buyer away from impulse buying. If they google the fish, they can learn more specifics about the species needs. This sign helps that happen.

Stunting is bad, yes. It has not been proven that it causes organ failure. Fish are not like other animals. When mammals are stunted is usually because of malnutrition. We also grow differently. Mammals have a set expected range of adult size. Most fish are indeterminate growers. They grow for their entire lives.

I am glad store workers are making signs for people to learn about animals they are considering as pets. I don’t like spreading information that is questionable as though it is fact. That doesn’t help anyone. I can totally understand why they did this, I worked at petco for a few years in the fish department and let me tell you everyone in the store got so tired of people coming in to get fish to put them in a bowl that we would often times suggest that people don’t get what they wanted because they aren’t willing to get the animal the things they need. I know not all petcos are filled with animal lovers but we do try to educate customers on “bowl fish”

I love this so much. I suggested something like this tonmy petsmart and still nothing. One thing though, those betta drawings aren’t accurate. They dont look full of hate and need to dominate the world. I didn’t know any of this and we got a betta for my son thinking it was a easy fish. Now I feel bad because it’s too cold in the room and he doesn’t seem happy.

We bought our betta at PetCo. I asked the employee to show me what filter, tank, etc.and he insisted we just needed a tiny tank with no filter. Then I found this group and learned better. But I went back there for the $1/g sale to upgrade for the betta we bought there and they had a similar sign up. There was a girl there this time and she was incredibly helpful and kind in getting what we really did need.

I really think it boils down to the manager. If the manager is knowledgable of pet care and hires staff that is knowledgeable and experienced as well then usually you’ll have happier and healthier animals and good advice offered. If the manager isn’t a good manager/care about the type of people they hire and just want to fill spots then is when you come into employees who probably shouldn’t work for a pet store. I’ve been in some pets stores that are really awful and some that really impressed me and the main difference was the staff.


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