Digimon Virtual Pets Set of 8 Unpacking!

Digimon Tamagotchi Virtual Pet Digivice Set of 8 Unpacking!

Package arrived this afternoon. Contains second hand digimon virtual pets / tamagotchis. Bought it from a seller with a good bargain price.
All in good working condition except the white bandai asia original v pet.

Package includes:
*Brown (Maroon) Original V pet version 1
*Purple Original V pet version 3
*Silver/Gold Pendulum Zero: Virus Busters
*Digimon Mini Version 2 (White/Blue)
*Digimon LR Twins (Orange and Red)
*Pendulum Cycle Bandai Asia
*White Bandai Asia original v pet (buttons not working)

Thanks for watching! Will have review for each soon!