Can Pets Get The Placebo Effect (why your pets treatment might not be working)

If you’ve ever wondered can pets get the placebo effect then in this video I will discuss what the placebo effect is and if it can explain why some treatments might appear to work when in fact they may be doing little for our dogs and cats.

The placebo effect is a beneficial effect produced by a substance which can’t be a result of the substance itself. The effect is in fact a result of the patients belief that the treatment is working. Our dogs and cats can’t know or think this so is the placebo effect in pets a real thing?

The answer is actually a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no. While a pet may not believe in any treatment or understand why something is being given, we will. This means that we can actually experience something known as caregiver placebo or placebo by proxy.

Because we want to see our pets get better we can see improvement even when none is present. It’s not just pet owners who can be subject to this caregiver placebo, vets are just as susceptible!

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