Can Dogs Eat Corn Cobs + Other BBQ Dangers for Pets | Hot Weather Dog Care pt 3

If you’re firing up the BBQ, take a minute to consider the answers to can dogs eat corn cobs and 3 other real BBQ dangers for your dog and cat.

The simple answer is no, never let your dog eat corn cobs. They are fibrous, can be swallowed whole, don’t get digested and frequently cause a complete gut obstruction. This requires emergency surgery to fix or it will kill your dog.

Kebab skewers are another risk. Wooden kebab skewers have 2 sharp points at each end, will be swallowed whole (or in a few pieces) and can poke holes in the guts. This is a good way to cause septic peritonitis which again needs emergency surgery to try and save a pet.

Cooked bones for dogs and cats are my next BBQ danger. They are brittle and can shatter into really sharp fragments. Small pieced of cooked bone may pass OK but can also cause really nasty constipation. Large fragments can get stuck and can also puncture holes in the intestines. Again emergency surgery would be needed.

The final risk is burns. This can be burnt mouths from stealing food off the grill but some pets, cats especially, may be overwhelmed by the tasty smell and jump onto a hot grill. They can stay hot for some time after the BBQ if off so make sure it remains supervised or cover the grill with the hood.

So the big dangers are corn cobs, kebab skewers, cooked bones + burns. Keep your pet safe and make sure you clean up promptly and make sure your pet can’t get into the bin in any way.

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