Betta Fish Laid Eggs? How Many?

– My aquarium Betta fish laid eggs and I don’t know what to do. How many eggs to Betta fish have? Should a person do nothing with the eggs or just leave them be. My Betta fish tank now has eggs in it and I’m super nervous.

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Yeah, my petsmart new still but once it was built all the good local owner pets stores closed down . And my lps petsmart is high school kids and half the time you go buy the fish everyone disappears dead turtle left in tanks fish dead everywhere just from my experience they shouldn’t question people when they need help themselves .

But cracks me up when go in there lol I’m not the brightest but I know my fish stuff and they love me cause spend so much in there for filter things but hate me because they get so confused when try to explain to them what a drip line is or something so simple all they know is add quick start and you should be great …

wish I could video it people just don’t understand how bad they are where I am wish they paid more because I would work there just workin with the fishes lol just upsets me will buy from unknown source rather a local breeder one that do t care about the money just want people to have healthy happy fish not diseases and ick ones.

I think its great that you do this, it shows that you truly care about the animals/fish, and also that the customer is successful in raising those animals. Keep doing what you are doing. It’s the right thing to do. If a customer has a problem with that, it’s them, not you..

My local Petco was very helpful when it came to all my new to the hobby questions. I do research their answers just the same as I would any place. The only negative thing at this point in regards to Petco is that they don’t have a large selection of fish but that’s probably do to not being just a aquarium store.

I don’t know about what they can order. I’m just going by what is in the store. I know my local Petco stopped carrying neons. I wanted them first and couldn’t get them.

I work in a pet store as well and I ask the same questions like how big the tank is and what there stock is and I just politely tell them that I don’t recommend putting things in bowls, or aggressive fish with small fish, etc. but the customer is sadly always right where I work and all I can do is give them recommendations and it’s up to them whether they want to listen to me or not…. but I really try….

But thankfully at petco we reserve the right to deny any animal sale if we suspect the animal won’t be properly taken care of. including fish. couldn’t do that at petsmart when i was there.

i’m also looking into a way to make sure if i recommend against something fish related but sell it on the benefit of the doubt, they’ll be unable to return it and replace it with a new one. we also require water samples to replace dead fish which i like.

I’m very limited in places to buy fish. In fact PetCo is it. I’m unable to make longer trips. I have gotten all my fish from my local PetCo. In the several months my rank has been up I only lost one fish and wasn’t their fault. The staff seems knowledgeable and I trust them. Thank you and Keep up the good work from someone who appreciates staff like you…

I commend you for your stance on this subject. Keep doing the right thing no matter who gets their panties in a bunch about it. At the end of the day, it’s all about the welfare of the animal whether it’s a fish, cat, dog, hamster, etc….


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