Animal rescue – Man Helps Giraffe Caught in Fence

Animal rescue programs are often wonderful and beneficial organizations that help find loving homes for misplaced, mistreated, stray and unwanted pets. Without local animal rescues, America would be facing many more issues relating to stray cats and dogs than they do today.

The general purpose in animal rescue organizations is primarily to work hard in order to save the lives of pets in need. Sometimes, pets that have been in the shelter for too long are eligible for euthanization, and these organizations desire to see no animal euthanized. Rescue shelters strive to keep these loving pets alive, as they look for new caring families to take a new pet into their home.

There are many different kinds of rescue groups out there for different kinds of pets. For example, there is rabbit, bird, and there is even a squirrel rescue group! The primary kinds are cat and dog organizations. Some have branches for specific breeds, such as Golden Retrievers, large dog, or working dog rescue.

These organizations normally work closely with animal shelters. Animal rescue organizations will normally accept pets from shelters or pet adoption agencies that have been there too long and have worn out their welcome. Sometimes when a shelter is unable to find a home, an organization can. If for some reason it takes a good amount of time for a dog or cat to be adopted, animal rescues usually have a list of many foster families who are willing to take the pet into their own loving home until an adoption family can be found.

Animal rescue organizations primarily depend on donations and fund-raisers as their money source. They also depend heavily on caring volunteers who keep things running smoothly and in an orderly fashion. They also have foster family volunteers, who make a large difference in the lives of pets everyday by accepting these unfortunate animals into their homes.

While animals are staying at the local rescues, they often benefit greatly. Many rescues give the pets health attention, such as spaying or neutering, vaccinations, disease prevention medication, and other medical attention that might be necessary. These pets also often play with volunteers, doing things such as catch, tug-o-war, or simply running around and getting along with other dogs. Many times these pets undergo training sessions as well, so that when a caring family receives their new pet, they have little to worry about; they are getting a healthy, happy, and house-trained pet as a new addition into the family. They are also saving a valuable life in the process of animal adoption through a rescue group.

Because of these non-profit volunteer organizations, hundreds of animal lives have been saved annually by being rescued and then transferred into a loving new home. Without the faithful work of these volunteers, these organizations would not be possible. If you are interested in getting involved in your community, animal rescue is a wonderful way to help by donating your time or finances. Help your community, and help save precious animal lives by supporting your local animal rescue organization.

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