7 Steps to Affordable Pet Care (how to pay for vet bills)

There’s no two ways about it, affordable pet care can be a real challenge, especially if your pet needs a major surgery or becomes very unwell. There are however several strategies for how to pay for vet bills.

Pet care can be broken down into preventative care – trying to keep your dog or cat as healthy as possible – and reactive health care – providing for your pet when they are sick or injured.

Preventive pet care can be made more affordable by:
– using the cheapest products which work – these might not be the most convenient
– considering joining your vets pet health scheme to spread costs over 12 months and take advantage of discounts offered
– not wasting money on products with little to no evidence of a health benefit. Get the most bang for your buck.

Reactive vet bills can be made more affordable by:
– having pet insurance
– paying into an emergency fund for your pet every month
– adding money to your pet’s vet account so there is a credit that can be used when needed
– looking for local/national charities that may be able to help with costs – I did not mention this in the video but in the UK there is the PDSA and RSPCA which can make a huge difference if you are eligible. There may be similar options in your local area wherever you live.

Being honest and up front with your vet about what you can afford is also vital. There is often a plan B, C or D that can be formulated to try and maximize the chance of a successful outcome while at the same time keeping withing financial constraints. This might mean cutting corners and not treating optimally but so long as there is still a chance of success these plans may be what needs to be considered to give your pet any chance of recovery or quality of life.

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