12 Illegal Pets You Can't Have!

From dogs to cats to exotic animals in the world, join me as we explore 12 pets that are illegal to have!
12. Bandog
Yep, we’re starting off with a banned creature that literally has “banned” in the name! Cool huh? But in truth, the Bandog is actually named because of its history. For this was a type of dog that owners wouldn’t restrain with a chain in their backyard. Instead, it would roam free, especially at night, and it was deemed a protector of the house and its inhabitants. To their credit, the Bandogs were very good at doing this job.
11. Slow Loris
Believe it or not, there are actually many different reasons why certain pets are deemed “illegal” in places all over the world. While many are because of the pet themselves being dangerous or potentially dangerous, others are because there’s a lot of illegal shipping of them across the continents. This is what happened with the Slow Loris.
The Slow Loris is a primate that comes from Asia, and it resembles a sloth in many ways10. Hedgehogs
Surprise! While Sonic The Hedgehog may have inspired a craze in getting hedgehogs as pets (despite the fact that real hedgehogs aren’t fast, aren’t blue, and don’t talk like a 90’s kid) there are many places, including many states in the US, that have hedgehogs banned as pets.
9. Bats
I am vengeance…I am the night…I am…oh wait, wrong bat, my bad! I’m sure to some of you, the idea of having a bat as a pet is odd. Bats are nocturnal, they like to fly around in caves, they eat other creatures as food, and more. But to some people, bats are cool, and the idea of having them as a rather unique pet is enticing.
8. Alaskan Malamutes
The Alaskan Malamute breed may seem to be the most beautiful dog breed in the world. They’re related to the beloved huskies and thus have a gorgeous coat and eyes that seem very kind. Many often try and raise these dogs as they seem very unique compared to others. But the truth of the matter is that hidden beneath that fur coat is a personality that can be problematic. And dangerous to a large extent.
First and foremost, the Alaskan Malamute is known to be a canine full of energy. 7. Red Panda
Despite what the name says, this special creature is NOT related to the Panda family of animals in any way. What’s more, over the years various scientists have labeled them as being part of various other animal groups when they’re actually their own group. Take that science!
Now, as for why they’re sought out as pets, it’s because they’re very unique.
6. Ferrets
This is another case where location matters, and for good reason. In the United States, there are a vast majority of places where you can get a ferret. They see them as good pets despite certain “drawbacks”. But the problem for Hawaii, California, New York and Washington DC is that one of those “drawbacks” is that ferrets can have rabies.
Rabies of course is a potentially fatal disease that can come from wild animals (like ferrets). It causes madness, convulsions and can make you act like an animal at times.
5. Penguins
The Penguin is a very special bird that has earned its way into people’s hearts via various movies and television specials. Most birds on Earth are legal to have as pets (within some limits of course) so you might think that the Penguin would be among that list. But you would be wrong.
To be clear though, it’s not because taking them out of their often cold environments is hazardous to their health.
4. The Jerboa
What’s that? You don’t know what the Jerboa is? Well it’s a rather unique desert creature that lives in Africa. Think of it as a mix between a rat and a kangaroo. That’s because it hops around on hind legs like a Kangaroo, while its upper body is much more in line with a rodent.
3. Venomous Reptiles
It’s a known thing in the world that many animals have venom within them that they use to strike foes and get prey. Many of these kinds of animals can be “milked” for their venom and then sold as pets. However, when it comes to reptiles, many places in the United States have banned them outright even if they have been milked.
Why go to such lengths to ban ALL reptiles who have venom as pets? 2. Alligators
At one point in time, the United States was all for alligators as pets, they even sold them in baby form in pets stores. But since then? Yeah, they wised up a little bit and realized how dangerous they can be. Most places in the United States won’t even allow you the option of having an alligator. And those that do have you go through a series of steps that will likely deter you from trying to get one.
1. Big Cats
Come on…you know you’ve thought about it. Whether you’ve watched the Lion King (live-action or animated series, doesn’t matter), or you’ve seen the Jungle Book, Tarzan, or any other major picture that featured really cool “Big Cats” like Lions, Cheetahs, Tigers, Leopards, Panthers, and more, you’ve probably thought about having one.
In the United States though..


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