вєиנι’ѕ ѕρяιиg-ѕυммєя єνєиιиg яσυтιиє ♥

This is Benji’s evening routine 🙂

Some Disclaimers:

1. Benji does have outdoor time during the day, he had been outside but it started raining so he was put in early.

2. I didn’t refill his hay because it had been refilled a few hours earlier because he had run out due to him having come in earlier!

3. His hutch is temporary, we have ordered a larger hutch with 2 levels and a built in run so he will have more space. I am aware that this hutch is a little small for him but he is happy and has run time (point 1)


What breed is Benji?

We think he is a french lop due to his size and characteristics but we are unsure as he is a rescue/adopted rabbit.

How old is Benji?

We think he is about 7-8 months but once again we are unsure as he is a rescue/adopted rabbit.

Where did you get Benji?

I got Benji from the Pets At Home/ support adoption for pets centre at my local Pets At Home centre. He had been in there for quite a while due to the fact that he doesn’t like other rabbits so they were having trouble finding a new home for him.

Is Benji neutered?

He isn’t yet neutered but we are planning on having it done in the near future!

Why doesn’t he live with another rabbit? Are you planning on getting a friend for him?

He doesn’t live with another rabbit because he doesn’t like being with other rabbits and in the past he has been known to be aggressive towards them. I don’t plan on getting another rabbit for him to live with (at least for a while!) because it wouldn’t be fair on him or the other rabbit because he may get upset or their may be a fight which may cause injuries to either rabbit.

If you have any other questions please do comment bellow or inbox me and I will be happy to answer any questions!!

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Love Ellie and The fluffy 8 ♥


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