Wee Companions Small Animal Adoption, Inc. (NBC San Diego)

This is an NBC broadcast here in San Diego, California, about Wee Companions Small Animal Adoption, Inc.

Wee Companions Small Animal Adoption, Inc, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in San Diego, CA. We are volunteers devoted to the rescue, care, and adoption of small animals.

Be sure and visit our web site,

to view adoptable small animals, and to learn about upcoming animal adoption events in San Diego, CA.

Adoptable animals can also be viewed at :



1. Don’t buy a pet impulsively. Research and know what you are getting into BEFORE bringing home a new pet. Go to your local library and read about the type of pet you are interested in, before making a decision on whether to own one.

2. Pets are not toys. Owning a pet is an ongoing responsibility, which takes your time and resources. Pets need our love and attention!

3. Plan on owning your pet for their lifetime. For example, a rabbit can live for over ten years, and a guinea pig can live up to eight years. Owning a pet should be considered a permanent investment for the lifetime of that pet. Having to give up a pet is stressful and heart breaking for both you and for your pet.

4. Many animals, including Guinea pigs, are social animals. They require DAILY attention, feeding, love and care. Fresh pellets, fresh water, timothy hay, and human affection are needed EVERY DAY for a healthy, happy pet. Also, tiny cages are cruel to your pet – you should be able to provide ample living space for them, and a SAFE place for them to exercise.

5. If after considering all these things, you know that you know you can actively love and care for a new pet, provide and afford a stable long term home for them, and follow all this advice, plus cage cleanings, and all other needs, then you should have rewarding and meaningful years of happy experiences with your pet.

Do you already own guinea pigs?

If you have questions about your pets health, you can find useful information at:

Useful habitat/cage information:

A great web site to shop for products for your small pet…

Important: If your pet appears to be injured or sick, contact your local veterinarian immediately. Don’t put it off.

Thank you for caring about animals, and for supporting your local animal shelter.


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