Virtual Pets: Tamas, Gigas, & Nanos — 90s Rewind

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In the late 90s, a new breed of pet invaded American school rooms. These Tamagotchis, Giga Pets, and Nano Pets experienced hundreds of thousands of kids examining their backpacks dozens of instances a day. But was there a downside to this crash program in obligation?



Assortment image 1:

Assortment pictures two:

Boy with pets:

Fingers holding pets:

Tamagotchi advertisement:

Close-up image:

Origin story:

Tamagotchi Angel advertisement:

Variation 1 food items:

Variation two food items:

Giga Pet advertisement:

Digital Doggie:

Compu Kitty:

Nano Pet shut-up:

Nano Toddler:

Nano Fighters:

FAO Schwarz clips:

A few pets shut-up:



Digital cemetery:

two Pet shut-up:

Lifeless Tamagotchi:

Classroom image:

Banned 1:

Banned two:

Banned three:

Tiny boy job interview:

Barbie Giga Pet:

McDonald’s graphic:

McDonald’s online video:

Gameboy game:

Windows game:

Iphone app:

15 info:

Tama vs. Giga:

Information article: