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How to : Find cute virtual pets to take care of

11/12/2018 0

Find cute virtual pets to take care of

Remember those cute Tamagochi toys a few years back? Remember how much in demand those little egg-shaped video games were? The Tamagochi toys were the first virtual pets on Earth. These days virtual pets are no longer hand-held little devices but are mostly found online.

Virtual pets are what are commonly referred to as gateway pets. They help teach people how to care for something that depends on them for care and attention. Some parents give kids virtual pets before graduating them to real pets. They gauge the children’s responsibility by how well they take care of their virtual pets.

Here are a few tips on how to find virtual pets:

Software. Some virtual pets are readily available as game programs. You can get the games in any electronics store or in any run off the mill video game store. After buying … Read More


10/12/2018 0

You have to play Bubblegum Simulator!!!
It’s my new favorite game…
So they just had an update last night.

Let me be clear: THIS IS NOT A VIDEO TO SHOW HOW TO GLITCH AND GET MORE PETS EQUIPPED. This is just some random glitch that happened to me when I played last night after getting the Green Hydra…

I went into my VIP server to grind because lots of people were at the new level Zen grinding all the gems. Anyway, I got the Green Hydra in less than 400 rolls, so it is possible to get some leggies from the Nightmare Egg.

So I went to trade with my brother so he could open the chests with the higher level Leggies. After the trade the pets were still equipped, and standing around me. In my inventory it showed that they had been traded away. I reset and everything went … Read More

How to : Find a free online virtual pet

09/12/2018 0

Find a free online virtual pet

Technology has become such an integral part of everyday life, so much so that it gradually supplants each aspect of our being. The virtual world continues to blur the line between what is online and what is real, especially with people getting increasingly hooked on the Internet, impossible without the advent of handheld mobile technologies such as smart phones, 3G networks, WiFi and Bluetooth networks. Books, movies and television have started their mass exodus towards the great frontier land that is the Internet. Why shouldn’t pets follow?

Virtual pets are no new invention. While they are in no measure living creatures, they are as “real” as they can get for their owners. These virtual pets need feeding, grooming, care and attention, just like real pets. And just like their live counterparts, they can grow into healthy creatures, or if neglected, waste away and die. … Read More