You have to play Bubblegum Simulator!!!
It’s my new favorite game…
So they just had an update last night.

Let me be clear: THIS IS NOT A VIDEO TO SHOW HOW TO GLITCH AND GET MORE PETS EQUIPPED. This is just some random glitch that happened to me when I played last night after getting the Green Hydra…

I went into my VIP server to grind because lots of people were at the new level Zen grinding all the gems. Anyway, I got the Green Hydra in less than 400 rolls, so it is possible to get some leggies from the Nightmare Egg.

So I went to trade with my brother so he could open the chests with the higher level Leggies. After the trade the pets were still equipped, and standing around me. In my inventory it showed that they had been traded away. I reset and everything went back to normal; pets weren’t equipped. I traded and got my pets back and the same thing happened to my brother–the pets were still around him but not in his inventory. I reset just to make sure my inv was correct and somehow 4 pets were equipped. I opened the chests and I got the full amount of gems with all 4 equipped. I traded back to my brother, same thing happened but when he reset, he had 6 pets equipped. This kept going with other friends that joined my server. Pretty wild 🙂

Here’s the changelog for Update #3 Bubble Gum Simulator!

:sparkles: Shiny Pets! Combine 10 pets to make it a shiny with 2x the stats as the normal version!
:sparkles: 1/100 Chance of hatching a shiny from an egg!
:mountain:️ New Layer – Zen
:gem: Gem Genie – Exchange coins with him for Gems!
:trophy: New Egg Counter and Gem Stats in Leaderboard
:crown: Pet stats in Trade!
:moneybag: New Gamepass! (Triple Egg Open)
:musical_note: New Music Track!
:arrow_right:️ Egg Skip (Speeds egg opening up slightly!)
:gear:️ Minor Changes
:bug: Bug fixes

(Note: we also attempted a fix with the 2x gem pass! Hopefully it resolves your issues :smiley: )


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