DIY Painted Shopkins Shoppies LOL Baby Doll Surprises and Crafts

27/06/2017 0

Today I custom paint an LOL Surprise Doll, inspired by Shopkins Shoppies! It’s a super fun and easy DIY craft for kids!

Princess Pickles is a family friendly toys review and show where she cuts open their Belly or Brain to see What’s “Inside. Characters include Mr Doh, Boss Baby, Frozen Elsa, Anna, Shopkins, Calico Critters Barbie, My Little Pony and more. We do Dollar Tree, Target Dollar Spot Hauls and she likes to open dolls from American Girl and My Generation. Similar Channels are Toys Unlimited, CookieSwirlC, BubblePop Kids, Fizzy Fun Toys and Toy Genie Surprises.

Giant Sale Haul – American Girl Doll Clothing Pets Food,Barbie – Chelsea Wants a New American Girl Doll,Baby doll and kitchen cooking food toys play,BAD KIDS STEAL GIANT CANDY & GO TO JAIL,Disney Princess Minnie Mouse Weebles Fidget,Learn Colors with Paw Patrol Fidget Spinner Skye Adventure Bay Rescue Playset,Minnie Mouse and Daisy Beach … Read More

PVMA Your Pets Health: Dental Awareness Month

26/06/2017 0

Dr. Langlois of the PVMA talks about why dental health is so important to your pet, some signs of dental issues you can look for, how you can help prevent some of the issues, and why sometimes it is best for you to have your pet to the vet for a full dental

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Employee Benefits Low Cost?

22/06/2017 0

What is the major concern for an employer? Taking very good care of their employees is a must. Many have perceived that as an expensive task to overcome, as it means providing the employee with vacations, bonuses, incentive pay, insurance, etc… While all of them are valid reasons there are many ways in which employees can be given benefits that do not drill too deep a hole into the employer’s pocket.

Medical Spending Accounts: MSAs offer benefits and cost-control advantages like no other policy. Self-employed people can use this as also a small group of 50 people. There are two parts to the MSA, one is the high-deductible health-insurance plan (HDHP) and the other is the insurance policy. HDHP offers deductibles in the range $1,500 – $2,250 for single people and $3,000 – $4,500 for families. Medical insurance is claimed using an MSA in a manner similar to any other … Read More

Pet Insurance Part 3 by Verse Finance

20/06/2017 0

Reviewed: ★★★★★

Visit our site and learn:

Finding The Best Pet Insurance

What You Need To Know About Life Insurance For Pets

Going With The Best Rated Pet Insurance

When You Want To Find The Best Pet Insurance For Cats

Pet Health Care with Veterinary Pet Insurance

Renters Insurance For Pets: How To Avoid Paying Damages When Your Pet Dog Destroys Something

Liability Insurance For Pets: Paying Damages Caused By Your Pet

Pet Insurance For Dogs: Protecting Your Pets And Your Pocket

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♦♥♠ This Dog Saves Baby | Animals Save Their Owners ♦♥♠

19/06/2017 0

♦♥♠ This Dog Saves Baby | Animal Save Their Owners ♦♥♠ These animals are real life heros, they save their owners lives in lots and lot of negative situations. Subscribe for more or visit

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