How to properly switch your pets food!

15/10/2019 0

In this video I explain all of the methods of switching your pets food. From dry food to canned from canned to raw!

April Arguin has been a life-long animal lover, as well as health and fitness enthusiast. Her two loves began to combine when she began breeding the hairless cat breeds the Sphynx and Bambino in 2007, and created the now well-known cattery called “LiLNudists Cattery.” She quickly learned that it was very important to understand the physical and emotional needs of her cats to create as much as a natural, species-appropriate diet and lifestyle for them as it was for her.
Over the past 14 years now, April has expanded her knowledge greatly to understand not only the best nutritional practices for cats, but also the best use of vaccinations, nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical medications, herbal therapies, behavioral modifications and more.
April strongly believes in using natural modalities whenever … Read More

Speed Draw 5x 30 min. | Cartoon in Progress | Pets Food “Fake Bones”

28/09/2019 0

Animation speed drawing(5x – 30min.) Pets food box “Fake Bones”. Cartoon “Pets on Their own” in progress. Desingned by Kate.
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“Fake bones” – non-existent pets food, invented by us. Will be present in the cartoon “Pets on their own”!

We are creative community, founded in February 2017. And we are making funny animated 2d cartoons.
Here you would find funny cartoons for everyone, for each ages, for kids and for adult.
Short films making are our hobbie! So we publish our animation not so frequently.

So Far, we have published videos about:
– Paul Super Snail – smart/fast/elastic super snail =)
– Mark And Anna – unusual couple in typical world!

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12 Illegal Pets You Can't Have!

26/08/2019 0

From dogs to cats to exotic animals in the world, join me as we explore 12 pets that are illegal to have!
12. Bandog
Yep, we’re starting off with a banned creature that literally has “banned” in the name! Cool huh? But in truth, the Bandog is actually named because of its history. For this was a type of dog that owners wouldn’t restrain with a chain in their backyard. Instead, it would roam free, especially at night, and it was deemed a protector of the house and its inhabitants. To their credit, the Bandogs were very good at doing this job.
11. Slow Loris
Believe it or not, there are actually many different reasons why certain pets are deemed “illegal” in places all over the world. While many are because of the pet themselves being dangerous or potentially dangerous, others are because there’s a lot of illegal shipping … Read More

Smolsies – My Cute Pet House Trailer for Google Play | TutoTOONS Cartoons & Games for Kids

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Merge, collect & care for 18 cute animals! Can you find them all?
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Meet Smolsies – the cutest squishy pom-pom creatures! Kids and toddlers, boys and girls will love their new virtual pets! Hatch surprise eggs and collect all 18 pet Smolsies! Watch baby Smolsies grow! Play, feed and clean up! Unlock cute mini-games and play with your virtual pets! Merge Smolsies and create new super cute squishy and fluffy animals!

Welcome to your new virtual pet house for kids! Hatch your first squishy baby pet from a colorful surprise egg and take care of it! Baby animals need lots of food, sleep and love! Watch your tiny pet grow! Get new surprise eggs and hatch more squishy Smolsies! Put two pet Smolsies … Read More