Accredited Pet Boarding Facility in Sandy Utah

17/08/2018 0

Leaving your family pet can be stressful for both you and your pet. Willow Creek Pet Center offers the comforts of home, with the extra TLC of knowing your pet will be cared for by our veterinary staff if needed at any time during their stay. Our veterinary staff is available for all of your pets health needs.
Our dogs and cats are boarded in separate areas to offer a calm and relaxing environment for them. Cats have their own designated cat condos, with window views! Dogs are boarded in separate kennels to allow for a safe environment. If you do have multiple dogs that you would like to board together, just let us know and we will accommodate their stay!

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Back To School Tech Toys: Giga Pets are Back!

09/08/2018 0

Giga Pets AR – Giga Pets are back in time for school! Back in the ’90s virtual pets were the biggest part of going back to school. Tamagotchi, Giga Pet – we were all obsessed with their wellbeing during class, sneaking to care for them lest they meet their demise! Check out the new Giga Pet. It is more adorable than ever.

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Pomsies – Wearable Virtual Pom Pom Pets [REVIEW] | Skyrocket Toys

02/07/2018 0

Today TTPM is reviewing Pomsies wearable virtual pom pom pets (Pomsies Boots Plush Interactive Toys, Pet Toys, Wearable Toys) from Skyrocket Toys. With 50 different reactions, including a freeze dance game, these super cute and fluffy pets will inspire a lot of interactive and nurturing play among kids who like stuffed animals. Wear them on your wrist thanks to a flexible fluffy tail! Keep watching these review videos of kids toys.

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Wouldn’t you love to have a pet that you can take with you anywhere? With Pomsies, you can! These wearable virtual pets have long fuzzy tails that wrap around your wrist or backpack. As you play with Pomsies through touching the nose and hidden sensors in the head and mouth, you’ll hear 50 different … Read More