Nova Pets Health Center | Veterinary Services in Chantilly

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At Nova Pets Health Center, the health and safety of all pets is our number one priority. Our pets bring us an abundance of joy and love, so in return, we believe that they deserve top quality care and treatment. We ensure medical excellence as we serve the people and pets across Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas. At Nova Pets Health Center, we understand that each pet has unique needs. We take the time to develop meaningful bonds with you and your pets and work with wellness plans that cater to your pets individual needs. We offer four services under one roof: Veterinary care, doggie day camp, grooming and boarding for all pets. If you’re looking for caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable staff to take care of your furry loved ones, Nova Pets Health Center is the place to go! Give us a call or find us online at … Read More

Perturbed parrot endures visit to the veterinarian

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Let’s face it, medical exams are annoying! You are poked, prodded and sometimes stuck with needles! The indignities continue on and on! Yet, these visits are necessary to maintain our pets health. Parrots must also have routine veterinary visits at least once a year. These visits are stressful on both the bird and its owners. The bird has to be restrained in order to be examined. That is not easy to do with a parrot who has a beak that could do serious damage to human flesh when it feels threatened. Usually, the parrot is placed in a towel to be restrained for the entire exam. This is both uncomfortable for the bird and the doctor is hindered by the bulk of the towel. Dr. Osofsky ABVP is a board certified Avian Veterinarian. To gain this certification it requires additional training above and beyond what is required to practice veterinary … Read More

How to Change Your Pets Diet: the stress free approach!

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You want to change your pets diet but how can you make sure they will eat it? How much should you feed your pet? What if your cat or dog is really fussy, is it even possible to get them to eat something different when you’ve tried to change their food in the past? Well, follow these tips and your pet should happily accept whatever you want them to eat!

1 – Why do you want to change your dog’s or cat’s diet? Do you really have to?

2 – Work out how much to feed you pet – use my free calculator:

This will let you know in a couple of clicks exactly how much of the new diet along with how many treats you can give your dog or cat each day to make sure they are their healthiest weight.

The side of the new food bag may … Read More

free virtual pet

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Free Virtual Pets Adopt From Animal Websites Realistic Online Cat Dog

free virtual pet

Free Virtual Pets Adopt From Animal Websites Realistic Online Cat Dog

Many people are adopting online virtual pets these days. Gone are the days when you could only wish you had the pet of your choice! A free virtual pet can be all yours in a few mouse clicks! If you adopt a virtual pet, you can have fun with it without having to take responsibilities associated with a real pet.

Today, if you have a computer and broadband Internet access, you can easily adopt a virtual pet like the iguana, hamster, goldfish, or even beagle.

A pet that you can choose and modify online according to preferences is termed an online virtual pet. These pets are animals existing only in chips and pixels. Some virtual pets are found online on websites, while others are unique … Read More