How Neopets was sold to Scientologists

17/12/2018 0

Hey, who remembers Neopets? If you used the site back in the early 2000s, you might be surprised to learn that it was once owned by a group of devout Scientologists.

Join Chris as he investigates the link between virtual pets and Scientology.

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How to : Find a free online virtual pet

09/12/2018 0

Find a free online virtual pet

Technology has become such an integral part of everyday life, so much so that it gradually supplants each aspect of our being. The virtual world continues to blur the line between what is online and what is real, especially with people getting increasingly hooked on the Internet, impossible without the advent of handheld mobile technologies such as smart phones, 3G networks, WiFi and Bluetooth networks. Books, movies and television have started their mass exodus towards the great frontier land that is the Internet. Why shouldn’t pets follow?

Virtual pets are no new invention. While they are in no measure living creatures, they are as “real” as they can get for their owners. These virtual pets need feeding, grooming, care and attention, just like real pets. And just like their live counterparts, they can grow into healthy creatures, or if neglected, waste away and die. … Read More

pet virtual worlds

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Education World: Virtual Pets (And You Thought Beanie Babies Were a Nuisance!)

pet virtual worlds


Virtual Pets (And You Thought Beanie Babies Were a Nuisance!)

Some principals are taking the byte out of "virtual pets," one of the latest fads to hit the United States. Should the distracting critters be banned?

Most principals are praying that the virtual pet craze will die out by the time fall rolls around. But, as the popularity of virtual pets—or "virtual pests," as some principals call them—grows, so does the number of principals forced to deal with distractions the digital dogs and dinosaurs can cause in U.S. classrooms. More than a few school principals have banned the cyber critters from their schools!

"First we were overrun with Beanie Babies, then all of a sudden teachers started commenting that the kids seemed to be taking a lot of long bathroom breaks," Bud Rivard, assistant … Read More