The 10 Best Pets friendly hotels in Laos

30/11/2017 0

The 10 Best Pets-friendly hotels in Laos

1. Hotel Vivanouk
2. Guesthouse SpringRiver Resort
3. Guesthouse Villa Ban Phanluang
4. Guesthouse Kiridara Villa Ban Visoun
5. Luangprabang View Hotel
6. Hotel The Sanctuary Pakbeng Lodge
7. Hotel Le Bel Air Boutique Resort
8. Hotel Riveria
9. Guesthouse Villa Kingkham Riverside
10. Hotel Hillside – Nature Lifestyle Lodge

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The Danger of Pet Obesity for Dogs and Cats: are fat pets unhealthy?

16/11/2017 0

Are you concerned about your pet being overweight or obese? Are fat pets unhealthy and just what is the danger of pet obesity? Are you wondering how to go about introducing a diet or optimizing a weight loss program for your cat or dog?

In this video I discuss why we should be concerned about the rising problem of pet obesity, discuss the increase risk of disease in our overweight pets as well as how to tell if your pet is overweight.

The dangers of pet obesity should not be underestimated. An overweight dog or obese cat has an increased arthritis risk, an increased diabetes risk and can suffer many more problems. They have a reduced quality of life and die younger.

Lets get started on the road to a healthier weight and allow your pet to be the best version of themselves they can be!

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Bessie 2

15/11/2017 0

This video was for the attention of SUPPORT ADOPTION FOR PETS grant awards. Although the awards are now over (and Gap was unfortunately unsuccessful), you may like to take a look at Gap’s trusty old van Bessie.

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Rotherham Dog Rescue Campaign Film

13/11/2017 0

Rotherham Dog Rescue
This is Our Short Film for Support Adoption For Pets
To Introduce Our Rescue and What We Would Like for the Future Of Our Rescue
We are entirely Volunteer based and rely completely on the walkers and kennel volunteers to take care of the dogs and the fundraisers who go out every week to raise vital funds and awareness – including films like this as we are lucky enough to have a videographer in our team to put together visual media of our wonderful dogs
The hardwork our volunteers put in is in valuable giving up their spare time to keep our dogs happy and healthy
We give dogs a second chance by rehabilitating and working with them, providing a safe sanctuary and giving them plenty of love and support
The rehibiliation is really important because other facilities simply give up on dogs but here specific volunteers … Read More