How to : Find a free online virtual pet

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Find a free online virtual pet

Technology has become such an integral part of everyday life, so much so that it gradually supplants each aspect of our being. The virtual world continues to blur the line between what is online and what is real, especially with people getting increasingly hooked on the Internet, impossible without the advent of handheld mobile technologies such as smart phones, 3G networks, WiFi and Bluetooth networks. Books, movies and television have started their mass exodus towards the great frontier land that is the Internet. Why shouldn’t pets follow?

Virtual pets are no new invention. While they are in no measure living creatures, they are as “real” as they can get for their owners. These virtual pets need feeding, grooming, care and attention, just like real pets. And just like their live counterparts, they can grow into healthy creatures, or if neglected, waste away and die. … Read More

Meet Izuku | Yancha Pets

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Meet Izuku he’s the newest member to the Winnard family.
I got him from [email protected] adoption, I saw him starring at me and I instantly fell in love so what happened is…I went inside [email protected] to get some of my pets food and hamster hides and I went to look around at the adoption part and saw this little Russian dwarf called “bobby” with his beautiful big eyes and when I went up to the glass he put both his paws on the glass and I just fell in love so I went home and I couldn’t stop thinking about him.The next day I asked my mom if I could get him and she said yes so she rang up and asked if he was still there and he was! So at around 9:15 we went and got him and the date we got him was Saturday 31st October 2018 … Read More