GA Pet Foods, Bretherton (Lancashire) – United Kingdom

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GA Pets food were looking to expand their manufacturing capability by building a new 13,000 m² facility on the flood plain of the River Douglas. With the site liable to flooding from the river, site levels had to be raised by up to 2.0 m to avoid the new facility being disrupted by future flooding. Vibro Menard were approached to look at an alternative to the proposed fully suspended floor slab supported on CFA pile. Vibro Menard installed 320 mm diameter Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC’s) on a 2.0m x 2.0m grid to provide support to the upfill and also the slab dead and live loads.

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Solution to Ants in Pet's Food Bowl

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Hi everyone! In this video I show you how to prevent ants from getting in to your pet’s food bowl and thus ruining your pets food. I’m sorry for the parts of the video that are a little blurry. I had to shoot this on my phone and it wouldn’t focus at times. This is my first video so please be kind! I’m still trying to work out kinks in my filming.

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How does your pet's food stack up?

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You deserve to know what’s in your pet’s food. We take testing seriously and evaluate each recipe’s ingredients and guaranteed analysis to let you know how healthy it really is. High scoring foods are lower in carbohydrates and have whole, named meat and fish protein sources, fruits, vegetables, and healthy herbs and spices – without cheap fillers and artificial ingredients.

Get your pets food score at:

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How to properly switch your pets food!

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In this video I explain all of the methods of switching your pets food. From dry food to canned from canned to raw!

April Arguin has been a life-long animal lover, as well as health and fitness enthusiast. Her two loves began to combine when she began breeding the hairless cat breeds the Sphynx and Bambino in 2007, and created the now well-known cattery called “LiLNudists Cattery.” She quickly learned that it was very important to understand the physical and emotional needs of her cats to create as much as a natural, species-appropriate diet and lifestyle for them as it was for her.
Over the past 14 years now, April has expanded her knowledge greatly to understand not only the best nutritional practices for cats, but also the best use of vaccinations, nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical medications, herbal therapies, behavioral modifications and more.
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Pet food Measure Spoon

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High-quality material: Food grade PC material, Detachable spoon for easy cleaning
and maintenance make it safe and healthy.
4 measuring units: Effectively measure in g, ml, cup, oz.
LED display:which is clear and easy to read the precise figure.high precision sensors,
820g capacity with 0.1 gram readability.
Scope of applica9on:It also use for measuring pets food porDons (dog, cat, bird,
etc.) Weighs both solid and liquid ingredients such as flour, beans, flavors and water.
Authen9ca9on:Meet CE/ROHS cerDficaDon, perfect for baking, cooking.


Color: milky white
[Material: PC
Power supply: button cell (included)
unit of measurement: g, ml, cup, oz.
Maximum weighing: 820g
Size: 155*142*55mm
Product weight: 150g

Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Person: Jason

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