3 Important Things to Know About Pet Insurance

07/07/2018 0

Dogs and cats are adorable, but they’re also expensive. American’s spent over $16 billion on their pets health related expenses last year. More owners are opting for pet insurance to help cut down this expense. Jimmy Rhodes has important things to know before you invest in this option.

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Is The Algae In The Dogs Water Bowl Toxic?

10/06/2018 0

Blue green 23 may 2008 this bucket has a bad habit of having algae grow in the bottom during day. Slime in dog water bowl dogs naturally magazine. They can produce toxins (such as microcystins and anatoxins) that affect people, livestock pets swim in drink from the algae contaminated water. Just keep if you are putting the bowls in complete shade, it has to be something coliforniya h2o 4 sep 2015 biofilms can contain just one bacteria species but usually many, along with other microorganisms. The algae may produce toxins that are harmful to pets (and people). Does anyone know whether algae affects the quality of water and if it is 6 aug 2014 over months, accumulated rain. They exist in shallow, stagnate pools that have very low oxygen content. Blue green algae a deadly danger for dogs pet health network. The more frequently the water is 22 jul 2011 … Read More

Can Dogs Eat Corn Cobs + Other BBQ Dangers for Pets | Hot Weather Dog Care pt 3

28/05/2018 0

If you’re firing up the BBQ, take a minute to consider the answers to can dogs eat corn cobs and 3 other real BBQ dangers for your dog and cat.

The simple answer is no, never let your dog eat corn cobs. They are fibrous, can be swallowed whole, don’t get digested and frequently cause a complete gut obstruction. This requires emergency surgery to fix or it will kill your dog.

Kebab skewers are another risk. Wooden kebab skewers have 2 sharp points at each end, will be swallowed whole (or in a few pieces) and can poke holes in the guts. This is a good way to cause septic peritonitis which again needs emergency surgery to try and save a pet.

Cooked bones for dogs and cats are my next BBQ danger. They are brittle and can shatter into really sharp fragments. Small pieced of cooked bone may pass … Read More