12 Illegal Pets You Can't Have!

26/08/2019 0

From dogs to cats to exotic animals in the world, join me as we explore 12 pets that are illegal to have!
12. Bandog
Yep, we’re starting off with a banned creature that literally has “banned” in the name! Cool huh? But in truth, the Bandog is actually named because of its history. For this was a type of dog that owners wouldn’t restrain with a chain in their backyard. Instead, it would roam free, especially at night, and it was deemed a protector of the house and its inhabitants. To their credit, the Bandogs were very good at doing this job.
11. Slow Loris
Believe it or not, there are actually many different reasons why certain pets are deemed “illegal” in places all over the world. While many are because of the pet themselves being dangerous or potentially dangerous, others are because there’s a lot of illegal shipping … Read More