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The latest craze to grip kids the world over is the virtual pet or “Tamagotchi” as it’s known in Japanese.

But the popularity of these electronic animals may have gone too far in the Philippines.

Government officials are considering banning the toys saying their student owners spend too much time looking after their cyberpets.

To most adults it may seem like just another temporary fad, but the latest craze for virtual animals goes one step further than any computer game.

The “Tamagotchi” demands constant attention from its owner and if it doesn’t receive it the consequences can be dire.

The owner must regularly push buttons to feed, and take care of their charge.

And if they don’t the virtual animal can get sick or even worse, “die”.

But the good news for the owner is that the tiny computer generates a new pet almost immediately.

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5 Virtual Pet Games with Cool Pets

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List of Virtual Pets Games:

1. Corepets [robot creatures]

2. Khimeros

3. Skirrpets (in development)

4. Project Nyoka

5. Goat Sim

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My Collection of Virtual Pets

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Today’s video is all about my virtual pets! I hope you like this video. I’ve been so very excited to do this video.

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Dragon Dude Talks: Digivices, Virtual Pets & More

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I’ve been collecting all sorts of stuff throughout my life. I enjoy tracking down things I always wanted as a kid but could never have. I thought I’d take some time to give my two-cents on something I love to collect, digivices, virtual pets and just about anything that falls into that category! I have a long lasting love for both Digimon and Pokemon and over the years they continue to release more and more lcd games and virtual pets along with the ongoing release of new video games. What other things do you collect? Are there any collectibles you’d like for me to cover in a future video?

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Oscar the Cat Virtual Pet – Launch Trailer

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Oscar the Cat – FREE DOWNLOAD –

🐱 He’s white, he’s fluffy and absolutely adorable! 🐱 Oscar the Cat – Virtual Pet is a new talking cat game ready to win your heart! With a sticker album, lots of mini games, cat coloring pages for kids and many other features, this furry little virtual cat that talks is a real game changer! Download talking cat game and check for yourself why this virtual pet is so special!


🐱 AWESOME GRAPHICS with super cute animations
🐱 FUNNY POTIONS – buy your virtual pet a potion and see what he’ll do (Spoiler alert: it will be hilarious!)
🐱 COLLECT STICKERS, put them in a sticker album AND
🐱 WIN AWARDS for every completed page in the album or a rare sticker of a talking pet you collected
🐱 CAT COLORING PAGES – adorable cat coloring … Read More