Problem with ants in Pet food No Moat needed Waterless System

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Pets Supplies, Dog Bowls, Cat bowls, ant proof pet bowl, ant resistance, anti ant, ant free pet bowl. This is the original dog and cat ant free dish that is maintenance free, non-toxic, waterless, no chemicals, uv resistance which makes it very durable. The design of the bowl fools or tricks the ants. You only have to confuse one ant (scout ant) and the other ants follow.

“The Mote” “Sounds like a good sales pitch” it is but, the bowl really works. We have many customers that will agree this bowl has resolved their ant problems in their pet’s food and water bowls.

This product has been proven over the last seven years by pet lovers all over the country by individuals like you, Farm and Ranch Stores, Humane Societies, Kennels and Veterinarians.
We offer this bowl in four colors!

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Pet food Measure Spoon

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High-quality material: Food grade PC material, Detachable spoon for easy cleaning
and maintenance make it safe and healthy.
4 measuring units: Effectively measure in g, ml, cup, oz.
LED display:which is clear and easy to read the precise figure.high precision sensors,
820g capacity with 0.1 gram readability.
Scope of applica9on:It also use for measuring pets food porDons (dog, cat, bird,
etc.) Weighs both solid and liquid ingredients such as flour, beans, flavors and water.
Authen9ca9on:Meet CE/ROHS cerDficaDon, perfect for baking, cooking.


Color: milky white
[Material: PC
Power supply: button cell (included)
unit of measurement: g, ml, cup, oz.
Maximum weighing: 820g
Size: 155*142*55mm
Product weight: 150g

Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Person: Jason

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Truth about Pet Food pt2

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The truth about what is in your pets food.

I am once more offering the natural pet food. If you wish to place an order, please call 877-387-4564 (US only) and reference rep number 40038485

New Link to Ingredient explanation.

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Are pets food?

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My spiritual advisor and I discussing various animals and their potential for being food!
Eat chickens, cows, pigs and all animals…. this was an outtake from a 30m discussion we had!

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1 bedroom apartment| condo for rent 100 Killarney ave , Winnipeg, Mb, Canada

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1 Bedroom beautiful Condo
FOR RENT AVAILABLE since September 1st
Open concept 1 BEDROOM CONDO LOCATED IN FORT RICHMOND (Fort Garry) (South – very safety area) 100 Killarney Ave.
FULLY RENOVATED, Everything is new.
IN-SUIT LAUNDRY! (Washer and dryer) Wow!!!!
Dishwasher!!! Wow!
Microwave!!!! Wow!
NEW APPLIANCES, (everything is morden style)
NO CARPETS, HARDWOOD FLOORS (Important for people with allergy),
CLOSE TO SCHOOLS, DAYCARS, Postal office, Gas stations , SHOPPING CENTER (2 MIN walk), TRANSPORTATION (bus station in few meters distance, also Pembina hwy is the next intersection), Perimeter hwy is 1 minute driving distance!!!
GYM IN BUILDING. AVAILABLE EXTRA STORAGE IN BUILDING (a lot of room) (you can carry your wheels, bags or whatever.)
FEW MINUTES FROM U OF M!!!! Ooooooooo!!!!!!
The best area to live with kids or alone.
How many of you? One? Two or More? That’s OK, come and rent that super beautiful apartment all together.
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