Your Pets Health Tip of the Day: Breast Cancer Awareness

27/09/2017 0

Dr. Langlois is back after a brief break and talks about the importance of checking your female furry friends for lumps and bumps on their breast line that could be the start of breast cancer. He also talks about one way to almost guarantee that your pet never develops this dreaded disease.

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Pet Friendly Cleaning Service Vancouver, BC

13/09/2017 0

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Mark: Hi, it’s Mark from Top Local Lead Generation and we’re here with Mo Kumasi of Cleaning with Love in Vancouver, Vancouver’s highest rated cleaning and carpet cleaning company. How’re you doing Mo?

Mo: Hey Mark

Mark: So you guys claim that you are a pet friendly cleaning service. What does pet friendly mean?

Mo: Great question. All our products are safe for your pets, they’re all organic, natural products that won’t hurt your pets. Second where we differ, all our staff are pet friendly. We have a dog and a cat in the office and when we do interviews we one of our top questions is are you pet friendly? Do you love dogs or cats? Even if they are best suited for the job, they don’t like pets, unfortunately it’s not a good fit with our company.

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Top 7 Dog Breeds In Hindi For Indian Climate | Dog Facts in Hindi | Animal Channel Hindi

09/09/2017 0

Some of the breeds recommended, are:
1. Labrador– Labrador has a soft, silky undercoat that keeps it warm and dry in cold weather and an outer coat that is hard that helps in repelling water. The coat needs to be brushed and groomed to maintain its shine. It can grow up to 32 inches tall and can weigh between 25-34 kgs. It can be found in black, dark brown, light brown, golden, beige and cream color. It loves to eat and has a strong tendency to put on weight; therefore it requires plenty of exercise. It’s a very friendly, playful, loving, caring and sensitive dog. The reason why most people prefer to keep it as a pet is that it’s child friendly.

[Stay Informed – How To Take Care Of Labrador Dog? ]
2. The Pug– They are one of the endangered dog breeds and relatively rare in India, but … Read More