My Talking Elly – Virtual Pet

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Get My Talking Elly – Virtual Pet and play elephant games with new virtual pet!

Want an exotic pet? How about a baby elephant? Download My Talking Elly – Virtual Pet and play dress up games, mini games, feed, bathe and take care of your own virtual pet elephant!

If you’re not familiar with elephant games, here is a chance to change that! Elly is a cute baby elephant who is always eager to play. Not only will you be able to play with him, but also bathe him, make sure he gets sleep and eats well so that he can grow up into being a wonderful adult elephant. Talking games and virtual pets bring lots of laughter, so do not hesitate to download this game for kids as soon as possible!

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Virtual Pet & Tamagotchi Collection 72 in all

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My virtual pet and tamagotchi collection. If anyone wants to see me play any of these let me know id make a video and give u a shout out. Any questions please ask me i am a pretty nice person. I counted all of my virtual pets even the ones in my car i own 72.

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Dragon Dude Talks: Digivices, Virtual Pets & More

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I’ve been collecting all sorts of stuff throughout my life. I enjoy tracking down things I always wanted as a kid but could never have. I thought I’d take some time to give my two-cents on something I love to collect, digivices, virtual pets and just about anything that falls into that category! I have a long lasting love for both Digimon and Pokemon and over the years they continue to release more and more lcd games and virtual pets along with the ongoing release of new video games. What other things do you collect? Are there any collectibles you’d like for me to cover in a future video?

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Funners – funny virtual pets mobile game

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Meet the funniest creatures of the world of Funners!
Take Care of one of the Funners pets and play funny jokes on other players!
Funners mobile game available on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Funners for iPhone and iPad:

Funners for Android:

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My Talking Kitty Cat – Virtual Pet Games

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“Meow! Meow! Come and play,” says this cute kitty cat! My Talking Kitty Cat is one of those virtual pet games you will love. She is a charming funny kitty you will want to show off to all your friends. Download the game and join the cat world.
This talking cat will sweep you off your feet with her elegance and cuteness. Play cat games with the little kitty and laugh at her silly moves. Once you start playing with this talking cat, all you will want to say is “My virtual pet”. She will become an angel in the house, loved by the whole family.
To hear the kitty talk, say something and she will repeat it in a funny voice. The game is simple and interesting, which is why it belongs to games for toddlers and kids. It … Read More