Striking of those teeth hurts? Train your puppy not to bite

Puppies, irrespective of their breed are just superb cute and hard to resist. Being a pet owner, we have a habit of pampering the pets from the very beginning. Don’t go by their cute looks or innocent eyes your puppy can strike his teeth anytime on your finger. The question arises how to stop a puppy from biting, not an easy task but this biting habit can be controlled.

It Can be little tweaks to understand but following few steps and slowly tame down the biting habit.

You find him to be irresistible when he is rolling on the ground and use your hand to play with him, that’s when he bites. Instead of using your hand to play with him, take the help of a toy to play with your puppy.

Your dog will learn what you teach him. From the very initial stage show your puppy that biting is wrong. You can make a loud sound so that your puppy gets the hint and backs off quickly. Train him well so that he understands that biting someone is not only wrong, but it can be very painful as well. Remember your dog will only learn what he sees and what is being taught to him.

While playing games, if your puppy bites withdraw you completely. Stop the game and leave the place. This will make him understand, what he did was wrong, and the game cannot continue if he bites. Automatically this will teach him a lesson, and he will stop biting you.

When your puppy is biting you, don’t scream or cry instead stay quiet or go silent. The silent treatment always works like magic. Your cute little furry pet will understand he crossed the limit.

 If your puppy is biting you more out of aggression and not playfully, consult your vet.  Visit Vet

Give your puppy something to chew at, so that he does not bite you. He will know what to bite and what not to bite.

Don’t wrestle with your dog. He can get a little aggressive and bite. You might find it to be way too irresistible but in reality, not indulging into such fights tame down your puppy.

Sometimes your biting can be a signal from your puppy that he needs a break. Put him in his crate, and he will calm down.

Initially it will be a little difficult to deal with the biting issue, but eventually, everything falls into place. You can train your dog to do what exactly you want him to do. Physically punishing or hitting your puppy can stop him from biting but eventually, that will turn him into a ferocious creature.

While dealing with pets, one needs to be extra careful. Understand the mood first, if the biting is not playful, your vet is the best person to stop your puppy from behaving in a weird way. You have brought him home, do few extra things for your puppy to make him feel comfortable, and you will win friends for life. Get daily updated post click here