Protecting Your Horse Just as You Do Your Family

Horses can have many purposes. They can be used for working on a farm or ranch, they can be used for training and instructional purposes for new riders, they have many uses in different forms of therapy and they can be bred and raised for different types of racing. But most of all, horses are majestic animals who capture our hearts as treasured pets and ultimately members of our family. It only makes sense to provide the same care and protection for your horse that you would for the rest of your family. Horse insurance is a way to know that you can meet the future needs of the animal who means so much to you and your family and provides so much meaning to your lives.

There are many different types of insurance that might be appropriate for your horse. Horse medical coverage is very similar to health insurance for a human. Additional endorsements can be purchased to surgery expenses and other major medical incidents that might arise. Horse mortality insurance is much like human life insurance and protects the value invested in your horse’s bloodline in the event of death. Additional policies can be purchased to cover theft or unusual accidents such as fire, lightning or loading and unloading accidents. If your horse is a working animal as well, there are policies that cover the incapacity to fulfill those obligations and services.

Owning a horse is very rewarding but it also carries a huge responsibility as well. Providing proper care during an illness or injury can become both a financial and logistical burden. But having the proper insurance to cover your horse in these situations will allow you to provide the care needed without the overwhelming stress to your budget. Horse insurance allows you to care for your pet just as you would for any other member of your family.