Probiotics and our Pet's Health

16/11/2019 0

This special edition features Leonard Nimoy as the host and narrator and includes never before released bonus features. Pet probiotic specialist and formulator of Total-Biotics® probiotics for dogs, explains the need for probiotics in a pets diet, how to choose one and how to use probiotics to improve your pets health.

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The Antibiotic Apocalypse (antibiotic resistance in pets)

15/11/2019 0

Just what is the antibiotic apocalypse? We.. the antibiotic apocalypse is a time in the future where antibiotic resistance in pets and humans is the norm and we will again start dying from minor, every day infections due to superbugs such as MRSA. This is not science fiction, the risk is here and now. We all have a role to play. That includes our pets!

Responsible antibiotic use is something that every one of us has to take responsibility for. We must all come to realize that misuse will result in the rapid development of antibiotic resistance in dogs and cats (as well as people) and spread of multi-resistant superbugs. Superbugs (such as MRSA) are bacteria that are immune to the effects of some, or all, antibiotics.

There has been a major effort by vets as well as doctors to reduce the overuse or misuse of antibiotics. There are many … Read More

Puptection – Proactive Approach To Promoting and Protecting Your Pets Health

13/11/2019 0

PUPtection is one of the first pet health and nutrition centers in the United States, where we guarantee everything you need to make your pet healthy and happy! Supermarket and big name pet stores are filled with flashy food products that are downright unhealthy for the animals we love, but it doesn’t have to be that way. PUPtection offers healthy food products that show our animal companions we care.

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