Pet Loss Help (5)

loss of petsLoss of a pet quotes are useful to have as references for when a buddy or family member loses his or her beloved cat, dog or other animal. The loss of a primary companion: For some of us, our pet was our only social companion on the planet.

The lack of a pet could also be your kid’s first experience of loss of life—and your first opportunity to show them about coping with the grief and ache that inevitably accompanies the enjoyment of loving one other dwelling creature.

While the story is not about the lack of a pet, it is a wiser story of a Navajo granddaughter, Annie, and her grandmother, a Wise One who understands the circle of life and is so related to the rhythms of life that she understands when she will move from the bodily world to the spirit world.

Children have particular relationships with pets and if given simple, truthful, simple solutions they will settle for a pet’s passing as a part of life’s regular cycle.

You may help others cope with the loss of a pet by taking part in an Online Research Study about pet loss.

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