Online Pet Game

virtual petsWhether it’s your annoying parents or pesky allergic reactions retaining you from owning a real pet, you don’t have to be too bummed out anymore. However, like any electronic system, kids’ digital pets need some guidelines and monitoring to make sure they don’t get overused.

These pets are created by the person, who will practice and care for it until it’s ready for battle in the temple.

Anatheria also has a digital fight enviornment for customers’ pets, as well as forums, golf equipment and a personal messaging system.

See how the apple will add well being but take happiness away (apples are a bit boring, lets face it), icecreams will convey happiness but make it sick, and toys will simply add a bit of enjoyable to Zenvita’s life.

After creating a free account, Neopets customers can play games, create and care for virtual pets, and discover the fictional realm of Neopia.

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