My Virtual Pet

virtual petsTake youngsters again to the old fashioned with their very personal virtual pet, a retro recreation they may simply love! Virtual pets have come a great distance since their debut within the mid Nineteen Nineties Back then pets had distinct personalities and you would feed them and give them treats, however that was about it. Today you’ll be able to feed, groom , train and even socialize your pet!

Virtual pets are available in many shapes and types lately – from digital keychains to video games and internet communities, you are able to choose the exact right pet for you!

Make a mobile game with some fairly textured graphics with a bunch of mindless games that you could earn Neopoints in. Update Lutari Island for a modern audience with Facebook connectivity and that outdated Neopets feel.

Some of the most desired ones involve upgrading your pets to particular version pets, particular items and costumes.

We moved the List of Virtual Pet Sites and Related sites No Longer Online to its personal page in August 2005.

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