Humane Ohio Pet Food Bank

pets foodSolid Gold’s holistic pet meals are rigorously formulated with a few of the most nutritious components on earth for a healthy thoughts, physique, and (free) spirit. Probiotics assist to maintain steadiness in the intestines by suppressing unhealthy micro organism and assist the body break down meals and distribute vitamins extra effectively.

You can be taught more about our beginnings—and our continued dedication to pets and their people—by watching the CANIDAE® True Story video.

The containers are made out of metal and are lined with a plastic resin which is used as a protective coating to stop the meals inside the can from eroding the metal.

Over years of experience we understand that your pets condition is reflective of the quality of food they eat so let’s get it right together.

Families will be torn apart and lives will be misplaced, simply because there’s not enough cash to buy pet meals.

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