How to : Find a free online virtual pet

Find a free online virtual pet

Technology has become such an integral part of everyday life, so much so that it gradually supplants each aspect of our being. The virtual world continues to blur the line between what is online and what is real, especially with people getting increasingly hooked on the Internet, impossible without the advent of handheld mobile technologies such as smart phones, 3G networks, WiFi and Bluetooth networks. Books, movies and television have started their mass exodus towards the great frontier land that is the Internet. Why shouldn’t pets follow?

Virtual pets are no new invention. While they are in no measure living creatures, they are as “real” as they can get for their owners. These virtual pets need feeding, grooming, care and attention, just like real pets. And just like their live counterparts, they can grow into healthy creatures, or if neglected, waste away and die. They can teach responsibility and care for growing children. For adults, they can be a great way to relax and unwind while at work or at home. It’s just like having a real pet, but without the hassle of going to the vet, or cleaning up after them. If you’re sold on having a pet you can only check out onscreen, here’s how you can find free ones online.

Each website has different pets – some are more realistic than others, while some explore the endless possibilities of your imagination. You will have to be able to find a genre of online virtual pets that appeal to you. Set your expectations on how you will manage your pet. Can you continually check online to see how it’s doing? Will you be able to leave it for a week unsupervised? Do you want to be able to play games with your pet, or are you just interested in viewing it onscreen? These are questions that you will have to resolve before you begin webcrawling for you online virtual pets. Word of mouth is clearly an effective means of finding about the best online virtual pets. You probably have friends who have experience with different online pet servers. Feel free to ask them about their experiences with their virtual pets. Talk about your concerns (which you should have figured out in the previously mentioned step) and your expectations. From the stories that your friends share, you may be able to narrow down the possibilities to just a few websites online. Try to get feedback from people you know have the same taste and expectations as you do. Try out certain websites like,, and to get yourself started on the virtual pet craze. These online pet websites offer a wide variety of imaginary and reality-based creatures you can customize and even dress up online. These websites are not just limited to your pets – you can even interact with the worlds they’ve created for your pets and their users. You can even meet other people playing with their virtual pets online! Check out user reviews in forums you are involved in. These allow you to learn from other people’s experiences, avoid their mistakes, and replicate the great stuff they learned from handling their online pets.

It is always best to have a real live pet waiting for you at home. However, if you are living a very busy lifestyle, or need to teach your kids about responsibility, these virtual pets are not only free, but they will liberate you from the added responsibility of taking care of another pet at home.


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