Factors Owners Need To Consider When Buying the Right Dog Carrier

Dog owners who need to travel by car or an airplane to reach their destination will want to ensure that their canine friend is as comfortable as possible during the journey. Dog carriers are an ideal way for owners to give their pets a certain amount of security and privacy until they reach their destination. It also goes a long way in minimizing the stress level for such animals and makes traveling an enjoyable experience. While such dog lovers will find carriers of different sizes and shapes to suit their style in the market, there are certain factors that they should keep in mind:

  • Comfort

The most important thing dog owners need to remember is that regardless of where they are traveling to, it is essential for their canine friend to feel comfortable in his/her carrier. This is the reason why it is necessary for such owners to try out as many carriers as they can with their pets when entering a shop selling such items. It is obvious that they would want to ensure that the carrier they intend to buy has enough room for their pets to move.  They should bear in mind the general rule is that their pets should enough room to turn around.

  • Mode of transport
  • Cars

Most dog owners are aware of the necessity of buying the right dog carriers that fit into their cars, as this mode of transport is the easiest way travel with their pets. Moreover, they do not have to worry about the restrictions in size when purchasing such carriers. In addition to this, they have the option to stop at convenient places during their journey to give their canine friends food, water, and bathroom breaks.

  • Aircraft

Unfortunately, when dog owners travel in an aircraft, they do not get such privileges. When traveling by air, it is important for them to be aware of the restrictions airline companies place on carrying animals during flights. Moreover, they need to keep these limitations in mind when buying a suitable carrier for their pets. Most of the constraints these companies put in place are applicable to carriers with hard sides. However, owners with small dogs are exempt from these rules, as it is possible for the owner to carry their pets in carriers with soft sides. In many cases, pet owners with large dogs can travel with carriers with hard sides on the condition they place a towel or blanket on the linings to act as a shock absorber.

  • Trains

In many cases, railway companies place the same restrictions as airlines when it comes to allowing dogs to travel. However, these corporate enterprises do allow helper dogs to travel with their owners for medical purposes. This is the reason why it is important for dog owners to call up such companies in advance and find out whether they allow animals to travel in their carriages.

In addition to keeping these factors in mind when purchasing the right dog carriers for their pets, owners should also be at ease and comfortable in moving their pets in such carriers.