Condolences For Loss Of Dogs, Cats, And Other Pets (2)

loss of petsWhen a family loses a beloved companion animal, it is arduous on everybody, including surviving pets. I should admit that I feel more grief on the loss of Dibley than I did when my mother died at the age of 90.

There is little you can to abruptly end the intensity of grief which is an acceptable and normal human response when important loss occurs.

If we understand that the pet cat or canine is actually feeling the absence of a cherished one, then we are able to take some steps to alleviate its sorrow and be there for it.

Emotional responses embody denial, inability to just accept the loss, intense tearfulness, disorientation, insomnia, disbelief, shock, loss of appetite, anger, guilt, isolation, depression, ruminating endlessly concerning the final days/hours, feeling that you will never be the same, feeling like you are going crazy, and feeling that you simply can’t tolerate the pain.

Pets have a deep significance not just for pet homeowners but in addition other animals in the household.

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