Dozer Does Vlog 252 – Missing Dozer and Going Loopy! – A Bulldog’s Life – Bulldog Vlog

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Dozer Does – A Bulldog’s Life!!! is your chance to ADOPT Dozer The Bulldog as your own virtual pet. Follow this energetic, fun loving character as he travels, skateboards and just dances through life. His goal is to post something everyday for the rest of his life. Ambitious? Yes! So follow the journey and make him your own. A Bulldog’s Life is a life worth living. Woof! Woof!



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Funny bulldog Dozer does a dog vlog. He covers such topics as training your bulldog, pet adoption, bulldog training, bulldog puppies and funny bulldogs as virtual pets. Training your bulldog can be easy. You can teach a bulldog skateboarding or have a surfing bulldog. … Read More

32 in 1 New Generation VIRTUAL PETs (Cat)

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Here is a demonstration of the cat mode from the ‘32 in 1 New Generation Virtual Pets’ keychain sold in Australia.

I know of multiple versions of this pet including a 49 in 1 but the only one sold in Australia as of the time of recording is the one shown here although there are other colours available including Blue and Pink.

It’s not bad for $5 and seems to work okay although the ‘game’ is just a weight-lifting animation, which is pretty boring. It’s essentially a low-maintenance V-Pet.

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Inexpensive Annual Flowers for Your Garden

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Inexpensive Annual Flowers for Your Garden

Also known as cornflower, this annual has fringed, daisy-like blue, white, pink or purple blooms. Sow seed directly in the garden in early spring. Bachelor’s button prefers full sun and blooms late in the season, even past frost.

Most annuals are small and compact, but cosmos grows to 4 feet high, with spidery foliage and daisy-like flowers. Sow cosmos seeds in spring, after the last frost, in full sun. They’ll bloom profusely most of the summer and work well at the back of the garden.

These common flowers brighten hanging baskets and pots with their blooms all summer. They are slow to grow from seed, but are easily propagated from cuttings. Many gardeners bring geraniums indoors over the winter. Cut them back and set them in a cool, indoor location until the following spring.

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How to Look after YOU while dealing with a sick pet

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Dealing with a sick pet can result in caregiver burden, causing anger, depression and anxiety. Find out 3 simple strategies for how to cope with a sick pet

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If you are dealing with a sick pet then there is a real chance you might be becoming stressed, depressed, anxious or even angry.  All of these will affect YOUR quality of life so it is important you look after YOU!

The syndrome known as “caregiver burden” is well recognized in people who care for chronically ill family members, but it has only more recently been recognized in owners who have to look after sick pets.

This highlights just how important our dogs and cats are in our lives.  They really are part of the family.  This is something that I feel very strongly about and I believe in helping … Read More

[Kids Games] Kiki & Fifi Pet Friends|Fun Board Games For Kids & Play And Take Care Of Kids Favorite

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Play and take care of kids favorite pet friends kitty Kiki and puppy Fifi! Wash, brush, style and design beautiful outfits and colorful haircuts for fluffy little cat and dog.

Have fun with two sweet pet friends Kiki and Fifi! Give a bubble bath, brush teeth, style hair, design perfect outfits and make a crazy pet toy for your furry virtual pets. Build, decorate and create a cozy pet house and learn how to clean a litter box. Play the best pet game for kids who want to take care of their little animal friends!

Spend the most amazing day with your new mini virtual pets:
· Play and take care of two happy playmates kitty Kiki and puppy Fifi!
· NEW! Comb, curl and straighten Kiki’s and Fifi’s colorful hair!
· NEW! Free your imagination and make a super cool pet toy!
· NEW! Play and learn how to … Read More